I need a good wah for reggae, but also something good for leads. I'm thinking Jerry Cantrell wah because on clean it does what I need and is pretty good for leads with the same settings. Lots of wah pedals need to be EQ'd for distortion lead or clean rhythm separately.

I'm looking for a wah sound from the beginning of "Mr. Officer" by Stone Senses. It's on itunes, sorry can't link it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq5jgYMGwQQ is a similar sound. Wah comes in at 40 seconds. This one just doesn't seem to have as much high end.

Any ideas? I'd like something that works well all over the fretboard too
My best advice is to go to your local music shop and try out everything in your price range.

I find the biggest factor in choosing a wah ( at least for me) is the feel of its sweep range. You may listen to a million demos of a wah, and think its great but as soon as you try it, you may just think its a heap because it has a weak range/sweep.

I haven't tried the Jerry Cantrell wah, so I wont comment on it. I'm personally using the ZW-45 wah because I like its sweep, and it can go from extreme bass to a high throaty tone.

Best of luck!
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Thank you! I'll look into that
and yeah the 535q is pretty versatile IMO
i will always advise the fulltone clyde or an RMC of some form. yes they cost more but are worth it.

my favorite thing about the clyde is because it is built to have a physically longer sweep than other wahs. i like it. it travels nicely and has a longer sweet spot than others.

the only RMC i have played was a wizard wah somebody had a while ago who wasn't really a friend, but a fellow local musician had one and it was nice. great wah.

kitty has one she always recommends which is the chi-wah-wah it sounds good and is slightly odd, but i can't give a sound recommendation, unfortunately haven't ever tried one.
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