Hello, I'm quite taken with Godsmack's acoustic album (see The Other Side EP). Even though I always hated the acoustic sound, this album singlehandedly made me like it (later I found stuff by Celldweller that also makes it sound good). I want to start by emulating them and build my style from there.

Looking at their gear, I saw Ovation guitars. I went and tried several models that were within a product number of the ones Godsmack was using, but was very unimpressed. When I read about them here or on Harmony Central someone said they sound cheap, like a plastic guitar would be expected to sound. I didn't believe it because the tone on The Other Side speaks for itself, but after trying it I thought that yes, it does sound shallow, cheap and you can "hear" the plastic talking when strum.

Are the Ovations THAT different from each other that picking just slightly another model would sound totally different, or they need a special recording technique, or what am I missing? I am sure they were double- or triple-tracked on the album and EQd, but I've been at this long enough to know "it's studio magic" is not an answer. I've gotten tones that were just like my favorite artists from my triple rec, all it took is hours of hard work. A synth or a canned sample mixed in with mic sound is also not studio magic, it's... a synth or canned sample mixed with the mic sound.

One last thing, I also tried other acoustics while I was there, and believe it or not, the Gibson Sheryl Crow signature with Elixir strings was the one that gave me what sounded like the fattest mids, punchiest lows and ringy highs. I guess maybe I should buy it so I can record it along with other stuff and see how it fits in the spectrum, and return if it doesn't work.

What do you think about Ovations, recording them, and getting the Godmack Other Side tone?
having the same musical tastes as you, i do prefer the Ovations for that kind of music. i have 2 Ovations that i use a lot. my 2078ax and my Adamas 2080sr. they are fantastic for harder stuff. they do sound a lot better when plugged in( that is after all what they were designed to do). when playing jason mraz/john mayer kinda stuff, my regular wood-bodied acoustics do fine. but for the really fun stuff, nothing touches my ovations.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Ovation makes great guitars for live, amplified performances. They also make great, fast necks that feel more like electric guitars than traditional acoustics. You'll want to play one plugged into a good amplifier or PA, preferable with a good EQ/DI box, to really appreciate them.

A good solid wood acoustic will sound much better unplugged, no doubt. So you can't compare them that way.
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