Anyone have any experience with either? Opinions? I'm not looking for any CRAZY effects, I just want a decent delay pedal for a modest price.
Actually, I'm in the same boat as you. I'll keep an eye on this thread. Though I want crazy effects.
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carbon copy. i just ditched the toy. not very inspiring, the carbon copy is 5x the pedal. however, if you can bump up the price, the TC flashback is really hard to beat for the price.
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I like TC Delays. I wasen' super impressed by the CC. A little to stale for me.


Look at the TC Alter Ego sold through pro guitar shop. Has a couple pretty trippy settings.
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I'll have to look around for a used one for a while then, it was $200 with shipping to Sweden. Cheers though!
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The Carbon Copy is a very simple, no frills delay pedal. As a guy who isn't super interested in crazy delays it does what it needs to for me. Wouldn't reccomend it for anything like U2 where you want intricate delays down to the millisecond, but if you want a david gilmour-vibe delay, then you might dig the CC.
My CC is a workhorse and it sounds great. Like others have said, though, it is a little limited in what it can do if you want precise control or crazy effects beyond the modulation you get from playing with the knobs.
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No issues with the CC, pretty straight forward. I'd look for a used one and save yourself some cash though. I see them going regularly from $80-100 quite often on craigslist.

Also this, MXR pedals are built to last and there's no reason to not buy it used
Memory Boy, or an Ibanez DE-7 if you can find one used.
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The carbon copy is a great delay and I loved it. Just keep in mind because its an analog delay its not gonna be super crisp. Amazing for cleans and I love the way it sounds for a little "extra" for leads. Though if you can spring for it, I'd highly recommend going for the flashback. Amazing pedal. Once I've got the money I'm buying them both back (had to get rid of them cuz i needed the cash).
If you want an ambient delay for the background, get the memory boy/toy. If you want the delay to be more of a front-and-center kind of deal, go for the MXR.
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Right now, the TC Electronic Nova Repeater has been going for $120 new. I snatched one up myself only a few weeks ago and I'm loving it. Just gotta get around to buying another cable or two so that I could run it in the loop.

Not sure if it would work for you though, it isn't really an analog delay pedal. It does have an analog delay setting, for what it's worth. Furthermore, it doesn't have true-bypass like the Flashback or the Carbon Copy does. I don't really notice any real altering of the base tone, though. If you were looking at the Carbon Copy, you probably don't care too much about presets and such, so that should be a non-factor.

The one advantage the Repeater has over the Flashback seems to be the ability to tweak more of the tonal parameters (not to mention getting vibrato and chorus effects for free). And the main advantage that either of those TC products has over the MXR CC is that you could do a bit more with them. They have more options.

As these guys say, your mileage may vary. There are a ton of delay pedals out there and I kinda feel bad about throwing in yet another option rather than helping to narrow it down for you. Best of luck on your search!
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Malekko 616.
They have a similar sort of sound (dark, bucket-brigade analog that freaks out with high regen rate settings).

Go with the Carbon Copy tho. EHX pedals in my experience crap out at the worst possible times.
I'm not looking for super crisp delay. I play faster more surf like music and I just want something that will sound well with my reverb. I play a strat through a peavey classic 50 if that helps.
The Memory Toy is a bit brighter sounding. The modulation is a bit "wobbly" but it sounds very dry without it. The carbon copy sounds a bit darker with a more subtle modulation to the repeats. For the price of the carbon copy, you can get a Malekko 616, which I think is better than either.
I seccond the malekko. Anyway I forget if you can turn off the ring mod on the lofi or not. If you can scrounge up the cash the catlinbread echorec is an excellent choice as well. Expensive but fricken sweet.
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