hi folks.

im dying for black label societys "aint no sunshine" cover.

can anyone help?

i know there are dozens of aint no sunshine tabs on this awsome side but i really need the version from black label.

a fellow guitarplayer
Like you stated there are a lot of versions of that song and truthfully BLS plays it the same way up until the soloing part and I am sure that is the part you want the most..... but other then that it is played just like the regular version by bill withers up until that point.... sorry this is not the answer you hoped for... but maybe someone will tab the solo part out for you..... good luck
hey thanks for the reply.

well, i have the feeling that bls played it a little different.
they use slides too.
but maybe my ears played some tricks on me. hehe

of course im also interested in the solo part.
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thanks again.

that helped alot.

the only thing thats left now, is the solo.
The solo can be improvised you know... Doesn't have to be completely accurate...give it a try... If you need to know about where he is soloing let me know and I will try to help you out..... Maybe pick out some parts of the solo you really like the most and go from there... Soloing in my opinion should be how you feel at the time when you play it and not so much about hitting every note the one guy is doing.... But that is just my opinion
i totally agree with you.

but the thing is, im not that skilled .
im glad i can hit the notes, hehe.

i would love to improvise but i dont have a clue where to start.