What's the difference between Ibanez AEG10II and AEG10E? I'm planning to buy an acoustic and I'm planning to get the Ibanez AEG10 not just sure about the difference of these two. Are they good guitar for the price? TIA!
looks like the only difference is the newer style preamp on the II.
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I have two of the AEL (Juimbo) size bodies, an AEL10BKLH (discont'd lefty, ans an EE20 Ash).

The AEG10 is a laminated spruce top. The now discontinued AEG18 was the only one I've heard, and I didn't care much for it. Which is why I wound up springing for the larger body guitar.

Ibanez acoustics have good to great electronics. My AEL's preamp, only uses to AA pen cell batteries, instead of the less common, more expensive 9 volt jobbies.

As I recall the AEG18 had special bracing, and a bass filter sweep on the preamp to reduce or eliminate feedback. Translation; it's unplugged bass performance suffered because of the trifecta of the, thin body, bass filter, stiffer bracing.

I doubt that the new model is any better in that capacity.

If a jumbo would be comfortable to you, and you want to stick with Ibanez, I'd audition the larger AEL series. Trouble is, the solid top models is worth about a nickel.

So, the small body would be good for playing standing, and you can likely get great results through an amp, PA or recording console. But to just sit an play it acoustically, there's likely better for the money.

My AEL is warm unplugged, and good for percussive or chuggey rhythms, because of the quick decay of the laminated top. It likes brass stings though, to brighten up the top end.

Also consider the Yamaha FGX-700. Solid top, cutaway dreadnought, with electronics, all under &300.00. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/yamaha-fgx700sc-solid-top-cutaway-acoustic-electric-guitar

I gotta admit though, I'm a sucker for the shiny black paint job on my AEL10....
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the FGX700 would be the much better choice if you have to have onboard electronics. the FG700S without electronics would put you back into your budget if you can do without the preamp. both are lightyears ahead in quality and more importantly....tone.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
After rechecking the AEL-10's preamp control, it doesn't have the bass filter sweep control.

I'd speculate that this is a step down, or perhaps the the function didn't function as well as Ibanez hyped it, and that's the reason for its elimination.

Most of the Yamaha 700 series are full depth dreadnoughts, so I'd audition one to see if you can deal with that feature. They also sell a "thinline" version. You would lose some bottom end with that. But, to the upside, the solid top would make up for it a bit, and the guitar's output would well exceed that of a laminated top instrument.
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