Hey all, I'm really trying to make my weird music more so that maybe other people could dig it, more to relate to? i'd really appreciate any thoughts whatsoever.. brutal honesty is really helpful because i'm very disconnected from "reality" sometimes. i hope to get better at writing music people can enjoy before i get a band back together.

I like this a lot, reminded me of This Town Needs Guns, just with a lot more ambience. Kinda gives a "jungle" vibe to me. I guess I can relate because I'm also "disconnected from reality"
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I'm sorry (and sort of not sorry) for saying this but making different music so more people can dig it will most likely result in some music you're not fully behind, and you can hear that. You can feel the forced 'normalness'.

But some tips:
The chord progression at the end came in really sudden (too sudden if you ask me) but maybe in the context of the whole song it fits.
People relate less to instrumental music, so think about putting in some vocals, without killing the vibe.

I really like this stuff! I even subscribed man. I think you just have to accept that this music isn't the most popular, but you have to realize that these listeners are more loyal. There's way more weird stuff out there with tons of listeners. Think of BATTLES, Venetian Snares or maybe Steven Wilson sometimes. Just make the music you like.
The drumming is fantastic. Is it programmed or is someone playing it? I like the tone and the composition and everything, this is obviously very well thought out.
Lersch - I love TTNG! I'm seeing them in a really small venue in 4 days i cannot wait lol. that's such a compliment to me. Thanks man

MaXiMuse - i understand what you're saying. I think my approach is just generally trying to simplify because sometimes my ideas are too erratic for something even i'd want to listen to. i'm definitely trying to track some vocals, i've never before so it's a new experience for me. and i'm an avid listener of both Steven Wilson and Vsnares lol love them, BATTLES is wild. thanks for the tips man some really solid advice that i will definitely consider.

CF_Mono - the drums are programmed, i have a good friend and live drummer and also may have the opportunity to borrow an e-kit very soon, if im lucky! thank you, man i'm glad you liked it.
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