I want to play bands like Metallica, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, BFMV, A7X.

It should have 24 frets and should not have Floyd Rose.
Guitar should be new. I dont care about the body or the fretboard wood.
Shape shouldnt be very odd.

Budget is 600$ (for the guitar only)

I have also thought about buying a Roland Cube 40XL. Is it good for my taste?
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ESP LTD EC-401 looks like a great metal guitar to me, but it's a little over $600.

edit: perhaps a Epiphone Prophecy LP Custom Plus EX

I don't know about the amp, never played on a cube.
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I recently bought an Ibanez S420. I'm in love with it, however it could use a set of active pickups. Very easy to play, very lightweight and it doesn't have a Floyd Rose (It has a ZR)
You can pick it up for around $500
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I personally wouldn't spend $600 on a guitar if I had that amp; you're not going to hear much difference between guitars through a modeler like that, aside from extreme differences like a single-coiled Strat vs. a Schecter with EMGs.

The amp makes more difference than anything else regarding tone.
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Look into the Epiphone 1984 Explorer reissue. I think you will know why I choose it c: (The table)
I got my Ibanez 1999 RG470ti for 200.00 I think? You can find 570s for around 300.00 sometimes and they are really good for the price. But you gotta make sure they are MIJ. I hear the Korean models suck.

Idk....just an idea.

EDIT: Well since Ive been drinking I totally missed the "No Floyd rose" so scratch that haha. Christ on a stick! I don't know finger paint.
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