So I've got a guitar that came stock with a Gotoh trem. I've been
Kicking around the idea of sticking a "old-school" Floyd; those funky little dudes that don't have fine-tuner's, in it.

I can't hardly find any specs on the "old-school" Floyd's.
The post to post measurement for the Gotoh is 68mm, I know
On modern Floyd's its a 73mm post-to-post.

So I seek the guidance of the guys who've been at this a while.
Anybody have any personal experience with these?
I've played one of those '80s Floyds without fine tuners and they are a major pain in the ass to tune. Every time you tighten down the locks on the nut the strings go sharp and it was never predictable. I absolutely hated it. If you're gonna have a locking bridge and locking nut, there HAS to be a way to tune it after you lock everything in, otherwise there's no point in it. That's my $0.02 anyway.
Thanks man, much appreciated.

The reason I'm asking is because the Gotoh can be a pain
In the ass too.

The guitar itself is in Dropped-B. . . The other
Guitar I use regularly is a Charvel with a
OFR in it.
I never use the fine tuners on it (no bullshit; true story / hand to hod).

How do you think a LSR Roller-nut would work?
The tuners on it are locking.
I'm not really up on current guitar parts and stuff. so much has changed so fast since I quit playing so I don't really know.

The reason the standard locking nut causes the strings to go sharp is because the base of the nut plate where the strings sit is curved, with a steeper drop toward the headstock. When the strings are clamped they would ideally be held at the apex of the baseplate curve but the clamps will force them down onto the steeper slope a tiny bit, causing the strings to go sharp.

Locking tuners clamp the string inside the tuning peg hole and you can keep tuning as normal after you lock it so this isn't an issue.
I want to be able to "trust" my trem. . . But it's hard for me to "trust" it because its not a locking setup, outside of the tuners.

I think I've kinda been "spoiled" by Floyd's in the regard that I don't really fight with them.

I also think that's why I've got such a hard-on to stick a
Vintage style Floyd on it.

Ibanez makes a single locking bridge that's kinda a
Throwback to the vintage Floyd, it's called the "FAT-10" (Floating Arm Tremolo model 10).

Thanks allot though man.