I used ReplayGain for a while now (per track) and it always played my songs at the same volume but the waves of the songs were propper. I noticed earlier that my songs were unbearably soft and my waves were about less than half of their size, my songs even play soft on my ipod and normal WMP. Even after I disable RPGain and remove it from track info i still have this problem. I really want to get my songs volumes back!
heres a picture of a DT song that has been affected
and heres a picture of RHCP with a wave size that I used to get
I just noticed that all of my songs (my entire library) have an album gain of -1dB which I never applied
That's ReplayGain going "Oh shit m8 those waves are hug and probably causing Rauvounous' headphones to clip; better normalise them for the player."

Stick them into Audacity or similar, select the whole waveform, increase the gain until you have it at the solid state clip you love, voila.