Hello everyone,
So I've had a vintage "Kingston Orbiter" germanium fuzz for ages and now I am looking for a new fuzz to make my tone palette a bit more unique.
I can certainly say that I don't like thin and piercing Fuzz Factory tones, and octave up/down effects are not needed either. I use a lot of gain, but I have yet to use a fuzz which couldn't provide me with enough gain. I am looking for a lot of low-end but still I need some note definition. The tones I am looking for are everything from psychedelic rock of the 70s to sludge and even drone-doom tones (think Boris). Still, I am not a fan of a lot of knob-tweaking in searching for a good tone. The budget is 400 max, and I prefer new, because I won't see the pedal personally and just don't want to take the risk.

After a brief search on eBay I found:
1) Earthquaker Hoof Reaper - has a lot of features, but sounds a bit thin to me in most settings.
2) Wren and Cuff Caprid - sounds nothing like a real Big Muff in demos, but many people say that the sound is actually much better in person
3) Wren and Cuff Box of War - I really like it, seems like a nice pedal, and the lower price is a good thing
4) Blackout Twosome - seems like it has many useless settings but some demos of it sound really good, and the design is really crazy
5) Zvex Woolly Mammoth - I hope it sounds better than the Fuzz Factory...
6) Skreddy Ernie - hard to find but very loud and fat

So what would you choose? If there are any fuzz experts out there, I would really appreciate your help.
Thanks in advance!
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sounds like you want a muff. i recommend the basic audio tri/ram. i went through a lot of muffs before i settled on that one. the tri/ram switch is good for controlling your low end, and the mids control is excellent to scoop your mids for that giant wall of sound rhythm, or crank them for a killer lead tone. plus it's one of the few muffs that sounds good at lower gain as well. amazingly versatile. http://www.basicaudio.net/effect-pedals-new.php
The Twosome is actually awesome. I do however agree with NakedInTheRain, you sound like you want a Muff. You could try the Musket (which is half of the twosome) and is a beast of a Muff.
NakedInTheRain, thank you very much for your suggestion. I really liked this particular pedal and I am likely to buy it. Could you please tell me which fuzzes you have compared it to?

MaXiMuse, I have practically NONE of these suggested pedals in my city's music stores. So the answer is no.
Check pedals from Erafuzz and Fuzzhugger.

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this may not fit your hatred of knob twisting, but it's a great pedal and isn't as confusing as it looks with all of its knobs and switches.


it'll get you anywhere from vintage fuzz to straight up doom. and works for guitar or bass.

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Blackout Musket, without a doubt. I had a Box of War at one point, and it was cool, and insanely well built, but it just didn't cut through at all. The Caprid should be better since it's based on the Ram's Head version, which has more mids and treble with less bass content, but I've never felt the need to spend almost $300 on a Muff, since they're so easy to replicate and don't require any rare parts.

The Ernie is also cool, but I sold mine within 2-3 weeks of getting it. IMO, the best Muffs that Skreddy makes are the Cognitive Dissonance MKIII and Zero. Both have the balls for rhythm, and also enough mids to cut through for leads.

The Woolly Mammoth is a cool sound, but it's basically a Fuzz Face with a tone control at heart, and a bit picky about what you use with it. Very fat sounding though, and it makes a killer bass fuzz or doom pedal. Works best into a dirty amp for guitar sounds, IMO.

I dunno if I'd bother with the Hoof Reaper. The normal Hoof should do anything you need, and is incredibly fat and huge sounding. The Hoof Reaper just has the Tone Reaper (Tone Bender MKIII) circuit, and that won't really get you any sounds you want, based on the description of what you're looking for. The Reaper is indeed a thinner sounding fuzz, and much more "vintage" in nature.

The Musket is based on a Muff with an LPB stage up front, with a variable input cap, another gain control and a mids control. Super versatile, though it definitely excels more at the higher gain doom tones than anything else. Not very picky about what you run with it either.

Quote by MaXiMuse
$400 for a fuzz-pedal? In that case almost all pedals are in your price range.

did you already go to a big music store and tried EVERY fuzz-pedal?

Well, since he's in Russia, he'll probably have to import and pay a considerable premium on anything he buys. Plus there are tons of (newer) fuzzes over $400, though they're almost all very difficult to find and go for $1k+.
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Check out Devi Ever pedals. Almost all of her pedals are Fuzz and she has a lot of them.

Rawkworks has a pretty cool fuzz you might want to checkout.
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Quote by terribleguitar
NakedInTheRain, thank you very much for your suggestion. I really liked this particular pedal and I am likely to buy it. Could you please tell me which fuzzes you have compared it to?

i've only had it side-by-side to the earthquaker hoof, which is a different type of beast, because of the germanium trannies and leds in the clipping stage. i'm sure mmolteratx will correct me on that one . all the straight muffs i've owned (i've owned a few derivatives) are the little big muff, nyc muff, blackout musket, stomp under foot tri muff, and frantone peach fuzz (which i suppose is a derivative, but it sounds like a muff).

i sold the ehx muffs because they're only really good for white stripes tones; the nyc circuit is not good for leads. i sold the musket for a black arts pharaoh, but to be fair, i was chasing after a more solid muff sound at the time. then i sold the stomp under foot because it was too scooped in a band mix most of the time - mids controls are important for this reason. same deal with the frantone, and also because it had too much low end even at the trebliest setting.

so after a while, i settled on the tri/ram. it's pretty much perfect. awesome for leads, sounds great at any gain setting (i keep gain around 2 o'clock), and you can have uber bass on triangle setting or tighten it up on the ram setting. and the mids control just takes it from uber scooped to a nice mid-hump.

as for the musket, i dunno. i haven't played one in a while. but it's based on a civil war muff, which are different to the triangle/ram's head versions, in the sense that they're a bit darker and less gainy. i suppose because you get to goose the circuit with the pre control, and it has a couple of tone knobs, i guess it doesn't really matter. so if you want uber versatility, probably go the musket, but if you want something that's a little more classic and simpler, go the tri/ram.
Hi guys,
I have some news for you. I was almost set on buying a Tri/Ram Muff suggested by NakedInTheRain (that doesn't mean I ignored the others' suggestions), until about an hour ago I noticed a damn good deal for a new (but without a box) Blackout Twosome. So if everything goes smoothly I will get it tomorrow for slightly less than 200$
Thanks to everyone who wrote their helpful messages in this thread.
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