I've been playing for about a year now, mainly in Punk and Metal styles, but have taken a bit of an issue with my guitar. Whenever I tune below D standard/Drop C, It sounds like arse. Not sure if it's the guitar, or my skill level. It is an Epiphone SG, and I play bands (below or in D) like Bayside, Bring me the Horizon, Slipknot, A Day to Remember, Born of Osiris,Parkway Dirve. The Metalcore/Deathcore thing usually (expecting alot of flames for this). Is there usually an issue with this type, or is it my skill level?

This is fairly close to what I have [forbidden link] (was a link to the Worn G-400 on the gibson site)
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If you play in, say, drop B, the string tension is too low so it sounds like a bad case of diarrhea, however, if you would set up your guitar with thicker strings like 56-13(instead of 46-10) it would sound alot better.
going to c or lower might also require you to setup the neck that way. Truss rod, bridge. Your intonation will also suffer the further from the original tuning. Check your intonation with a tuner the open string should be the same tuning as the 12th fret. Intonation issues will screw your sound up royally.

I dedicated one guitar to drop c and lower tunings, had the same problem you did, then it was sweet once setup. And yes, you should go to heavier strings for the tension, but that will mean you have to do a setup on the guitar.
My advice is never go below drop d
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I'm not experienced enough to fiddle with the neck, I'll most likely try and get it serviced for that at a local store if needed. Thanks for the help