Hi Guys,

I managed to pick up a VN6****** (Gold label/series) Korean Squier Stratocaster for £70. Fairly cheap in my eyes and I believe they are A LOT better than the cheap Chinese made Bullets and Affinity's. Ok, so I know my guitar was built in 1996, it has a solid Alder body, it is HEAVY (which is actually what I wanted having always played a lightweight Yamaha Pacifica) and this bad boy will ring out for ages unplugged!!!

I intend to upgrade the pups, tuners, bridge, nut and get the neck adjusted. Has anybody had any experience with this particular model? I'm hoping that with a lil TLC this baby will make any MIM look silly!
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** I must say, it is a 1996 Korean VN***** Gold Logo Strat (not gold label/Series). Thanks
I don't know about that particular model. I do own an HSS Squier strat from the early 90's, possibly a 91 or 92, and they don't build it like that anymore. It is heavy, heavier than my PRS SE Singlecut. The action, the frets, just the overall feel is still great from the day I took it out of Island Guitars. I've messed around with a few of the new Squier strats, I'll say this, the new ones simply feel horrid! High action, buzzing frets, and sound quality.

So far I replaced the cracked plastic tremolo block with a steel one, and changed the bridge humbucker with a Gibson 500t. I plan to change the single coil pickups as well.
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