I have a cheap Telecaster copy from Rondo Music that I bought as a project guitar to slowly replace all the parts with better ones and I replaced the neck on it yesterday. The action was way too high so I filed the nut and lowered the saddles a bit and it's a lot better now, the only problem is that whenever I play the 14th fret on the G string all it does is buzz and doesn't actually sound out the note. I only have this problem on this particular spot and I'm not quite sure how to fix it. I mainly play rhythm so it's not a devastating problem but I'd like to nip it in the bud before it becomes a real problem. Does anyone have any idea how I could fix this?
It sounds like you might have a nick in the fret, or (more likely) a high fret.

Use a small piece of plastic (a credit card works good) to rock it back and forth on the fret and the fret on either side. If it moves that means the fret is high/low. If it doesn't that means it's level.
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It seems like it's level. I should also mention that the note sounds normal when I apply significantly more pressure to the string, it also sounds normal when I bend the note.
You likely have a high fret. It won't be the 14th fret which is high, but one of the frets above it. Sounds like you didn't replace the cheap neck with a better one <G>.