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I never fix my spelling and grammar after I post
2 4%
I fix it for really big things that make me look ******ed
10 20%
I'll edit my post just to stick the extra 'o' on 'too'.
38 76%
Voters: 50.
...you notice a typo or spelling/grammar error?

I always proofread before posting, but once in a while I'll miss something. As soon as I spot it, I edit it as fast as possible so as not to dirty myself with a grammar jewry.

Do you?
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Of course.
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yes proper grammar is important
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I never proofread my posts. And yes I do.

And if it's been quoted I edit those posts too.

I'm lame.
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Only if I see it fast enough, having "last edited by" underneath the post is filthy.
only if it is a horrendous typo that no one would be able to figure out unless i corrected it

but i dont even type with proper capitalization here so more often than not, ill leave it

Edit: I meant to say yes. Always.
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Only if I see it fast enough, having "last edited by" underneath the post is filthy.


Sometimes I'm too slow on my tablet though.
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Yes, even if it's been a long time and everyone has moved on I still have to fix it.

Agreed. I try to make my posts as proper as possible.
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If it's within the one minute margin before that glaring 'LAST EDITED AT' thing shows up below the post.
I do, because for some weird reason I perceive people who make regular spelling mistakes to be less intelligent, and so does the rest of the world.

prolly cuz of dis, br0.
Many times I'll be typing and doing something else, so I'll be typing my post and then look at the other thing while continuing to type

So most of the time I'll post and look back and my post makes absolutely no sense
I, too, proofread as I post and I will edit a post to correct something I notice, but if I'm typing on my phone and don't notice a mistake until after I've posted I tend to be too lazy to correct it haha.
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Yea, excessively. Also, I edit everyone who quoted me.

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Yea, excessively. Also, I edit everyone who quoted me.

Hey, look. Sigs are back.
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Look at all of the clever people misspelling things in this thread. So cute and original.

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I'd like to act as if I don't give two shits about typos but the little anal retentive grammar nazi inside my head won't let me. The other day I corrected a Whatsapp text which had already been sent and received, deleted the old one and convinced myself the other person wouldn't be able to notice

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