I was at a local music store and I ran across what I thought was an amazing find, a Ibanez ICT700 with fixed bridge and the Dragonforce model with trem. I knew they had been discontinue and was excited to find some new Iceman guitars. I checked with the model number on Guitar Center's website and they didn't carry the ICT 700 anymore so I was thinking about buying it. So I start looking online for cases and find out that Ibamez started making a new Iceman this year. They both have the Dimazzio D-activators and both have the fixed neck. Other than the head stock being different I haven't found any differences between the older ICT700 and the new IC500. Could anybody tell me if there are any other differences or if one is any better than the other? Thanks!
I meant is there any other differences between the IC700 and the IC500. I know the ICT has the trem bar. Sorry for the confusion, just realized I had put the wrong model number in the OP.
There are so many versions of the Iceman and other than the PUs and bolt-on vs. set neck, the most obvious one is the headstock. Old school has the 3+3 and the newer ones have the inline 6 reverse headstock.

Those are killer guitars but the shape isn't for everyone. I have the 700 model.
I have always loved them but never been able to buy one till now. The price tag was a little high for me before. They are making the new ones with the 3x3 headstock again. And I'm not sure about the newer ones but the one I am looking at has a set neck which I like.
Yeah, let me know if you see any difference if you don't mind? As far as I know it's just the head stock but I might be wrong.
Just bought one myself… ICT700, white. It has a very wide neck, but it's really thin on the back side, and plays extremely smooth and nice. Love the white finish, and the shark inlays. I jumped on this from a Craigslist ad for $340, and it's in near perfect, new condition. Sound is not as heavy as I thought it'd be, distorted, but not overly aggressive. I like the 6 on a side tuning keys as well. Best part about the guitar, playing the upper frets… The cutaway, jumbo frets, and thin neck make it so easy to play in those upper keys above the 12th fret: G, A, and even (high) B! Never played a guitar with better feeling upper fret mobility.
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