Hey everyone, I just registered here.
So this is my story,

I've had this guitar for years ( Yamaha RGX 121 Z) And I never touched it until now.
Why now? Well, There's this game called Rocksmith wich helps learning guitar so I tried it .

This is what happens:

My guitar will not produce sound when connected, Only when I move the volume knob in a certain position, and when I do that this is the sound I get:

Somehow I can't post links to videos.
youtube. com/watch?v=w3qeJ9eobmQ

I thought it was the game so I connected the guitar to my amp and I got the same result.

What can I do?
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You probably have a loose wire or a sticky pot(volume knob). If you know how to solder you can fix the loose connection. If not, take it to a guitar tech to do it won't take them long. To see if the pot is sticky/dirty, spray a little bit of WD-40 at the base of the volume knob and twist the knob around for a minute or so then try again. The WD might fix it the guitar tech will for sure.

Hope this helps...................good luck.