Hey guys I was wondering if anybody knew of a program online that I can download for free that I can use to improvise some drum tracks in my songs.
Or is that sort of thing not available yet.

What's up, Matt! If you have a Mac, the best option would be to use Garageband, which comes as a preset in any mac. Very easy to use DAW with some decent programmable drum samples and also tons of loops. If not, I would go to Ableton.com, click the "try for free" icon, at which time you will receive a download of a "lite" version of ableton, which has programmable drums as well. You can watch videos on youtube and/or read the instructions on how to use the software. This is what I started on, and it's not hard to figure out. Hope this helps!

-Dallas L.
Hydrogen? Good easy programme, reasonable sounds.
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Also consider that EZDrummer Lite is free.
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Try Liquid Rhythm. You can try their 30-day trial version. It has a lot of intelligent, built-in capabilities, an easy-to-use interface, high-precision syncopation and groove making. It can be used for anything from basic drum loops for jam tracks to serious studio production quality tracks.

Also, you can check out this sample amateur recording I made using Liquid Rhythm.