Hey there guys, I'm new to UG community and to guitar as well, so I have couple of questions if you don't mind

I've been interested in playing guitar for a very long time, but never had much time to really try it out due to work load, until just recently I have received an electric guitar as a gift. Nothing special really, just Apolo DCL 1200 Les Paul. It's not great, but I think for my first guitar it'll do.

Now, I really really want to learn to play an electric guitar and I am very determined, but the problem is I have no opportunities to find a teacher simply because in my country there aren't that many good guitar players and there aren't any good teachers :| So I thought, I would learn on my own. I have registered at jamplay and guitartricks and it seems they have lessons for beginners. Long story short... Is it possible for an average person to learn to play guitar on my own without a teacher and become good at it or teacher is really necessary ? I know it all depends on the person, but maybe someone could actually tell me if I'm not wasting my time here doing that on my own. I'm 22 by the way if that means anything

Secondly, maybe there's a good advice on how to self teach the guitar. I mean I do have memberships to jamplay and guitartricks, but maybe there is something better, more comprehensive for beginners? Any advice would be really really appreciated.

I've always been inspired by the music of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai and I really want to become great at playing and I'm very determined

Well again, any advice and some share of knowledge and experience would be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance!

I started to learn on Justin Guitar (google it as I don't think we can post links). It's a free site which has a very comprehensive beginner course. I just looked back on it to see if it's changed and it looks like there is even more stuff to learn as well.
I learned on my own pretty well. The only real tip I've got is not to play with tension If you feel tense when you play you need to slow down find the source of the tension and fix it.
I also learned to play on my own. While I am by no means incredible, I am one of the better players among my friends who play. I learned a lot of chords and chord-based songs at first, then began to learn tab-based songs, beginning with slower, easier songs, then moving to faster ones. I recently bought Guitar Pro (great investment) and am using it to learn thrash and shred songs. Dedication is the most important thing, as well as asking anyone you can when you need help. Youtube works great for things as well. I learned how to do pinch harmonics on there, and I know there are many more lessons on there too.
Thank you guys for answers!

I would love to hear more about how you started learning if you started on your own. Did you buy any books or had some sort of comprehensive guide or was it all that learning songs? More stories?