I've been playing for about 9 months, making slow but steady progress (but still sound like Slash in my head ). I'm sort of ambidextrous but right hand dominant so bought a right-handed guitar.

I'm starting to get a little frustrated with my fretting hand, though, especially the reach of my fingers, and when sliding between chords up the fretboard my fingers all bunch up making a mess of the sound.

When I curl the fingers of my left hand into my palm the tips of my index and middle fingers are only about an inch apart, compared to twice that on the right. It's a real effort to get the tips wider - the knuckles do spread but my fingers sort of rotate so that the tips don't really move My right hand seems to do what I'd expect - knuckles and fingertips spread equally giving me a reach of 3 inches or so between index and middle.

I have noticed that when I play I tend to place the index finger first to fix it on the string allowing me to stretch the other fingers onto the correct frets for the other strings, but this obviously doesn't work for slides. As I said they all just bunch up killing the chord dead

So is this a problem of the anatomy of my left hand just not being right (ha ha) and therefore I should switch to playing left handed so I can fret with my anatomically superior and stronger right hand, or is this simply a case of continued practice to build the strength and reach of the fingers of my left hand and it'll come good eventually?

Bit of a weird one I think, but hey, that's me. Any advice about my wonky fingers welcome!

Yeah, just switch to using your feet lolol.
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it's up to you, really. if your dominant hand really is that much better it might be worth switching- but at the same time, everyone (or almost everyone) has the problems you're describing at that start. And playing left-handed means much less choice of instruments, and more expensive instruments (normally) when they do make a left-handed version.
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