I have an ibanez rg 370dx with edge 3, i havent quite usen the whammy bar until i now. Im learning For the love of God and it requires me to slide from note to note while using the whammy bar without plucking the string. the problem i face is my note mutes out rather quickly when i use the whammy and the slide cant be heard? whats the way around? does it have something to do with effects? more compression maybe?
it's a combination of things. It can be technique. It can be the quality of your tremolo- cheaper locking trems tend not to have as good sustain and response etc. as good trems. it can be the rest of your gear- a good tube amp up loud will sustain etc. a lot better than a cheap practice amp at whisper volume. probably some other things too I'm not thinking of.
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Fading out the notes quickly while pressing tremolo arm down could be the result of using cheap FR tremolo system. Moreover Steve Vai uses a Sustainiac system instead of neck pickup which allows him to do those long sustains. But I believe you can do close with your neck pickup, just make a bit of experiment with your effect units and amp settings. I think there is crazy tremolo arm tricks part in 'For the love of god'. I don't know that whether your tremolo system can withstand that or not that. I have never used used a guitar equipped with Floyd Rose or FR style tremolo system but I do know that the quality of the system can vary. Original Floyd Rose, Ibanez Edge Pro, Edge Pro II, Edge Zero etc are very good tremolo system that would stay in tune even after executing frequent tremolo arm tricks like Steve Vai.