A little backstory:
My Aunt and Uncle (Mom's siblings) bought this guitar used from a relative in their early teen years, say about 35+ years ago. Seeing that they bought it used, this thing is possibly 40-50 some years old. I inherited it this year when my uncle died and haven't done much with it since. There is literally NO info on these guitars on the internet, I've searched and searched but I haven't found anything useful related to Sekooa guitars. Maybe you guys can shed a little light on it?

The looks are certainly there, looks just like a Gibson, but as of now the playability is limited due to a couple of issues.

Here are some pics:

The next three are pics of the bridge, whammy, and pickups. Is it just me or are the intonation adjusters messed up? Shouldn't the one for the high E B and G strings be flipped? Does the bridge need to be replaced?

The nut does not look right, at all (to a noob at least). I think I should just get a new one and glue it on. Suggestions/input?

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The bridge pickup looks really high and is severely limiting how low my action can be. Is this normal?

Action shots

Nothing looks to wrong here.

Tuner shot

There is a bunch of nasty gook on the fretboard, any idea what it is? If I scrape my fingernail on the fretboard I get some black junk under it. I will definitely get that cleared off. All the frets give a hollow sound when tapped with a flathead screwdriver, no dead or dull sounds.

Rear body


Cutaway with a crack

Neck-body attachment

As this was my Uncle's possession, I'd like to keep it in good shape and playing beautifully. I am interested in throwing a few Benjamin's at it over a period of time, but I'd like to hear from the pro's if this is a investment worth my time and money. I would be more than willing to take more pictures.

Current problems:
Use of trem bar puts this sucker out of tune real fast.

G string sounds terrible,(tuned) it just doesn't sound right.

Tuners are really wacky, they are super hard to tighten, and way too loose when giving a string slack.

Intonation is sharp on some of the strings at the 12th fret.

The action is too high for me, but cannot be lowered as the strings start buzzing around the pickups and the high frets when played. Bends (going up) past the 12th fret are not really feasible as the strings above the string that is being bent dig into your finger nail area.

What I'm interested in doing:
Gutting the internals (or at least the pups)
New tuners
New nut
New bridge
New whammy and string retention system
New screws
New pickupswitch

Is this a reasonable project? Will I have a hard time finding parts (say the string retention system)? Is this going to cost me $500+? Will I be able to get a lower bridge pickup so I can lower the action?

That's pretty much all I have to say about this guitar, thanks for reading and forany input/suggestions!
The bridge looks fine. Pickup replacement is entirely subjective. The faux Bigsby will know the guitar our of tune - consider maybe locking tuners to aid stability. The nut looks fine, but maybe swap it for a bone nut.

You should be able to source quality parts relatively inexpensively. That pickup can be dropped a little and then maybe you can lower the action. I would recommend a full set up, though as this would improve the tuning/intonation.
If you have a decent repair shop or luthier in your area it might even be worth taking it in and asking some advice - most in my experience will freely recommend what can/can't be easily done.
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It is a cheap guitar. If it feels good, fix it up if you want.
Lower the pickup by the screws on each side.

If you really want to do this, get decent parts that are cheaper. www.guitarfetish.com is a site with good but inexpensive parts. They even have Bigsby style tail pieces that would fit your guitar.
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From http://myrareguitars.com/1968-sekova-grecian-electric-guitar

Not much is known about Sekova guitars. They were imported from Japan by U.S. Musical Merchandise of New York City, one of many music distributors that once thrived in that fair city. Who actually made Sekovas in Japan also remains a mystery,
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Sorry for the ginormous pics!
So I was playing last week and my hands got sweaty, and my garbage strings rusted. I clipped the strings and went for a proper cleanup job. (I did a complete disassembly and wiped everything down) I've decided to throw some money at her. I have a couple questions on parts in the next post.
Cleanup job:

Spent a couple hours on the whammy

Hit up the fretboard 3 times with water and a soft sponge.

Went over the screws with a metal brush on my dremel
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Are these frets badly worn?

I know I already asked but... Does the nut look ok? I'm kinda paranoid about it especially the position it naturally slides into when placed on the neck. It's made of lightweight plastic.

Pretty sure I should clean off this crap before regluing?

:/ just doesn't look right, but it seems to fit pretty well there.

I really really want to add a LP style toggle switch with the rhythm and treble button thingy around it. Will I be able to drop them in without body modification? I'm handy with a soldering iron, so no worries about that.

As already stated, are a big problem. They tighten up no problem but they loosen WAY too easily. I will be replacing them. I'd like a chrome look, any particular suggestions?(I saw some stuff on guitarfetish, just thought I'd ask before blindly buying a set I liked) I will have to tap holes for the new screws right?

Are there any particular setup method that works best? There are way too many methods out there for one right answer, what do you guys do?

I think that's about it.
Thanks a bunch!!!
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