How do members in your project communicate ideas with other members? Do you present them at band practice? Record them and let others listen offline? Use some sort of music tabulation program and send those files to others?

My last band recorded all our practices and got a lot of ideas out of long, drawn-out jams which got pretty messy. I'd listen to these in the following weeks, and extract ideas out of the things we were playing, and tab these out in Guitar Pro. I'd then send a proposed song structure out to the rest of the group, who would then listen, edit, and comment on what they liked. This way, we'd all be on the same page next band practice. The great part about Guitar Pro was that if I had an idea for an instrument other than my own, I'd tab that out and the other member would be able to see exactly what I was talking about.

I'm wondering what other ways people use to collaborate. I hope this isn't too spammy, but I'm working on a class project right now which has created a short survey just for this purpose. If you'd like to contribute, it's here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1opSX8EPOxzQguXcf7LvFDnnaFnGrfTWCZNRfeh8dUg0/viewform . I am legitimately interested in what ways people find are most effective to collaborate, since this has been the most difficult part of being in a band for me.
It's tough to find a good way. In my old pop-punk band, I was the only one who wrote songs, so I would present my riffs and vocals to the other guys, show the bassist his parts, and gave the drummer a general idea of what I was hearing in my head. With my current blues-rock trio, our bassist/singer writes as well, so when she writes something, she'll show me the bass part, and I'll construct a riff around it, as well as coming up with backing vocals when necessary. Since our drummer and I think alike musically, he can usually lock into what I'm hearing in my head pretty quickly. Our bassist's dad is a drummer as well, so occasionally he'll work something out for the drummer to do as well.
Yeah, I find it easier to have one person as the "director" of where the song goes. They may not write all the parts exactly, but they can explain to the group what their ideas are in a song.