I'm creating a TAB for 'I want a parrot' by the aristocrats (Guthrie Govan). As seen bellow. I have completed the guitar part and the bass is 3/4 done, but the drums I just find so slow to figure out by ear. There are a number of live footage shots, but this being a jazzy group arangements and drum patterns are always different. I want to create this TAB exactly as it is on the CD.
There are parts of this piece that repeat, but thematically, the drum parts will change so pretty a lot of the 272 bars will need doing individually with little to no copy and paste, but dont let this put you off. I will also be working on these drum parts as we go, would just be nice to have a hand. Perhaps just doing a section or two.
I want a parrot.gp5
You know what would be really sweet? Having a beautiful bird inlaid around the first fret, taking a majestic dump with airborne droppings around the 5th, 7th, 9th frets and so on, with a graceful impact around the 22nd-24th.
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