This might sound like a useless question, but what songs did Gene Simmons actually write Bass Lines for??? For this question, I am mostly concerned with the 70's stuff...but I would also like to know of any even on the work after the 70's.

I am trying to get an idea of his style and how good he plays, because I love KISS, but it is hard to put my thumb on Gene Simmons.

There is a book "Best of Kiss for Bass Guitar", and I looked up all the songs and all the songs were mostly written by Paul, and some from Ace. Which of course is normal for many bands, I just thought Gene was a bigger factor in writing and recording the bass lines.

The thing is, I only found 2 songs from that book that Gene actually wrote music for. They were on the Debut Album, Deuce and Strutter. Strutter was also co-written by Paul(lyrics), and the only song he did entirely by himself(from the book), is Deuce, and apparently the bass line is basically "Bitch" from Rolling Stones.

Then I read that Ace and Paul, actually recorded many bass lines for the albums. Like Dynasty, Gene only did 3 songs on that album(and Peter Criss didn't play the drums).

What makes it harder to put my thumb on him, is because they say the one bass line that is Gene's best work is "Detroit Rock City", but when I looked into it, Paul Stanley wrote the song with the album's producer. Then others say "Gene's song" is "God of Thunder", but that was also written by Paul Stanley.

So between him not writing the songs that I thought he wrote, and Ace and Paul recording songs on the albums, I am not sure what he has actually done. So I mostly only have live stuff that I know for sure is hims....But then some people even told me that he plays his bass to a pre-recorded tracks in some cases, but not sure about that one.