Well I've definitely had some success here before finding members for another previous much bigger (album) project so I figured I'd try this site again.

Long story short: I do vocals, program MIDI drums/synths, write lyrics and edit. I also mix quite well and am okay at mastering but definitely nothing special there.

I have a 5 song dark gothic metal EP project in which I've already recorded all my vocals (clean singing, guttural yelling and raspy screaming) and made all the organ synth melodies, drums, arrangements, etc. I have one of my guitar buddies from You Tube who is quite reliable and has already finished 2 out of 3 of the songs so all I need is bass.

These 5 songs will never be redone, made into an eventual album or anything like that so this is it. I also already have the midi/tabs written out for the bass tracks. However, I'm open to a bassist moving around/altering the bass music I wrote so long as it doesn't clash with everything else and so long as they understand that at this point nothing else can or will be re-written due to time constraints, other projects, etc.

This is a rather easy request overall. Please do not be 13 or 103 but I'm open to most ages in between. Preferably from 18-28 but exceptions may be made. Please have been playing for at least a few years. There is a definite "blackened" element to a lot of the vocals and some of the song arrangements that would require some bass tremolo stuff but nothing crazy advanced by any means. Lots of light vocal harmonies too. I couldn't think of what to call this other than "dark metal" or gothic metal.

Please be willing and able to send me a sample or 2 of your playing and I can and will do the same. Please NO FUNDAMENTALIST RELIGIOUS INDIVIDUALS of any religion! I find those people to be some of the biggest a-holes on the planet and there are some very anti-religious themes/criticisms in some of the songs as well as lots of horror-related themes such as the undead, demons, etc.

Also you must be able to record obviously and tab out whatever you change with my tabs or whatever you do period.

If you want to hear a sample of my stuff right off the bat just type in "Hallowoe" into You Tube. I'd post the link but it'll probably be "forbidden". You'll see a channel with the word "Reviler" in it. That's the right channel and vid. The vocals are more far back in the mix than usual but the imagery (which I drew) and music (which me and some buddies made) are very indicative of what I'm going for.

Other than that I don't care what your political opinions, sexual orientation or any of that is. Just please meet the criteria above.

I'd do it. I'm a bass player been playing for 5-6 years ish. 19 years old. Play many different styles. I can record good bass read tab and all that fun stuff.