Right so I'm buying an iPad Mini (the first one generation I believe)
Don't try and dissuade me from buying it, thats not what I'm here for.

My question is, if I want to do recording with it what interface should I use/get??

Right now for my laptop I use a Line 6 UX2, I don't believe I can use that with an iPad.
So I'm wondering what I should go for.

I'm at an absolute loss for interfaces for an iPad, so I need some decent suggestions...
Given it's a Mini too, it'll be using a lightning connector rather than a 30 pin.

Are there even interfaces for such a thing?
Or am I barking up the wrong tree here?
Any advice is helpful!
My price range at present is no more than £200
Apogee One is probably the best one you can buy, as far as mic pres and converters are concerned, but it's above your budget new (might be able to find a used one)? Make sure it's the one that works with the iPad, though.

Other options include:

IK Multimedia iRig Pro
Line 6 Sonic Port
Focusrite iTrack Solo

And you could also replace your UX2 with the Roland Duo Capture and use it on both your computer AND iPad. Haven't tried one, but the Quad Capture gets very good reviews... so I'd imagine the Duo would be an upgrade to your UX2 and server dual purposes

The One should also work with your computer, assuming you have a Mac, and be a pretty big upgrade over your UX2.
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Apogee One FTW if you can find one in your range, or stretch your budget. It will sound insanely good, going in and coming out.
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