So been playing guitar this evening for the last hour, and I turned the amp off to go down stairs to see if the GF was back, and when I came backup turned the power back on and nothing......

Fuse on the power cable is fine, fuse in the amplifier is fine. but the power isn't there, no stand by or anything,

Its a Dark Terror.

I haven't been doing anything differently to normal, there is no electrical burning smell. there was no pop or anything, just didnt turn on,

Any one got any ideas?
So no indicator lights whatsoever?
Did you open the amp and look for additional fuses?
(don't do the above if you don't know what you are doing - can be deadly)
I take it the tubes do not light up all?
Are you positive nothing became unplugged?
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You're in the UK, did you turn the switch off at the wall? (It happens)
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Lol, no the power was still on, I opened her up and double checked the fuse on the board as well and that is still fine. It's odd, I'm taking it back to the shop I picked it up from for them to pick it up, I think it should still be in warranty which is good.

Just really weird, I could only find 2 fuses on the amp, not sure if there is more but both had continuity as did the kettle lead, I tried a different one just to double check. It's either someone has gone somewhere in the amp, or the extension lead I was using is faulty, (didn't try a separate socket)

Bit irritating
Sorted, Dark Terrors have 3 fuses in.... bit OTT no? failed to find the last fuse and was that one that was blown