I have the Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 2x12 and I love the amp and it perfect for what I do. Only thing that gripes me is the "burn" channel which is the amp's high gain voicing. I think it sounds little weak and it needs a little more "umph" to it. I can get a hard rock tone from the amp itself but what would be a good distortion or OD pedal to compliment the amp to give it more of a metal high gain style of sound?

I bought the amp knowing it's not going to give me a Dual Rec type of sound but some of the sounds im trying to achieve are the harder Alice in Chains tones, Whitechapel, Tool, Staind (older stuff), etc. I currently play a Schecter C1-FR and soon to have an ESP LTD 351nt as a 2nd guitar. The closest Guitar Center is in Atlanta which is 2 hrs away and my budget is no more than $250.

So what would be the best distortion or OD pedal that will compliment my amp? Just for the occasional times when i want to play heavy.
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First off, crank the Contour knob on there. That dials in the EQ curve similar to the V-shape on the PEQ on the Mark series. That gives it a much more modern sound. Then, crank the Mids to about 2 or 3 o'clock, the Treble between noon and 1 o'clock and bass between 9 and 11 o'clock. That should give you a great, full sound with enough low end to sound full. You should be able to run it without an OD.

After that, if you still need something, look into any number of the Tubescreamer clones.
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I have a Mark V and I use a BB Preamp by Xotic Effects to help give my channel 2 and 3 a little more "balls". I know a lot of other Boogie users have gone the BB route as well.

I've watch some youtube videos and thats pretty much what im looking for. Now would i run this pedal through my FX loop along with my delays and reverb or would i run it in front of my amp? im still new when it comes to FX loops
A boost should go in front of the amp, not the loop.
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With my MkIV, i run a timmy, and that gets some major balls. That is my normal gain channel. My lead channel comes from a zendrive, and it sweeten the leads and really gives me my personal favorite high gain smooth creamy lead.
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