I have been playing the guitar for 4 years now and my progress has been rather slow considering I play the drums as well and I focused on making songs rather than getting better. I was just wondering if anyone has any great lead guitarist to learn from for a beginner lead player cause I have gotten a lot better at playing lead. I learned, very shoddily I might add, only ash remains by necrophagist at half tempo to give you a reference to my ability, I have never really been interested in lead playing. I love rhythm but I am really starting to like it more and more. I like death metal and tech death but am open to anything from blues to jazz. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. also quick note, I am music theory illiterate and am currently on my journey to learning it but I have a long way to go.
I too am a lead player, but not the greatest so you can take this for whatever you think it's worth. When it comes to playing lead, it really helps to be able to do some good improvisation. This of course means dipping into the theory pool, which has never been a bad thing. When you get down why certain notes can/do go where, and where the certain pitches are in a scale, then you can get rid of much of the thinking aspect when it comes to soloing or what have you. Then all that is left is to learn even a couple scales and apply why you've learned. Repetition, repetition, repetition, and you can get a scale memorized all over on the guitar neck. Point is, still, to get rid of much of the thinking aspect; do that and your mind is free to think about technique and whatever emotion you are trying to convey.