Okay, so I got this really old guitar, 30 years or so, from someone I know. The problem is the guitar looks mostly classical, but the strings on it are steel. I want to change the strings but I am really confused.


What do you guys reckon from the images in the above link?
The neck is wider than my electric guitar, the strings aren't held down by pegs, and the bridge is pretty straight.

I know steel strings will destroy a classical guitar, but will a light gauge help?

Yeh, the link doesn't work for me either. If it is indeed a classical guitar with steel strings on it, take them off asap.
it's a cheap classical that was made from '60 to '65. i'd restring it with nylons and have fun with it.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Ah thats what I thought cheers. And really? a Cheap one? I mean I used to have cheap ones before and they never last more than a year!
i don't know what you're doing to your guitars, but i've got cheap classicals that have lasted for years... i have friends who have had cheap classicals that lasted for decades. what happens to your cheap classicals?
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