SUP. I've got a schecter omen 7 diamond series guitar. I'm about to get a POD HD500 in the mail soon and I'm worried that the pickups on this guitar are too shitty to achieve the tone I want. I want a (Dare i say it) Djent tone. Tight chugging ability and clarity in complex chords. I know you guys are going to say that 90% of a djent tone is in the hands and yes I agree with you, but there's no way to achieve pristine clarity in a chord by strumming differently when your tone sounds muddy. I'm working with a pretty flexible budget so feel free to suggest top of the line things, bonus points if someone can recommend me a fairly cheap set of pickups that would get the job done.

Thanks in advance.
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I would just get yourself a set of D Activator 7s and save yourself some cash.
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On the BKPs, the Aftermath and Painkiller pickups are usually the go-to choice for the "djent" tone: usually described as tight and "dry" sounding with lots of mids. A lot of their modern (and even vintage hot) models have been used for it though, so might be worth sending them an email/checking the forums if you're interested. People are always happy to help.
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Thanks everyone, I've been to bareknuckle.co.uk before. Those we're going to be my last resort as I'm kind of impatient with these sort of things haha, I'll check out those D-Activator 7's.