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I really enjoyed him, really good energy, kind of reminds me of Matt Shultz from Cage the Elephant during the verses and the singer from JET during the choruses in Take My Hand, a pretty nice style. You all sound really good, just pure and raw rock music which is what I'm really into, I just followed you guys on soundcloud, keep it up man.
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Huge Cage the Elephant vibe here...Singer is pretty rad actually
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Yea I like the singer! Sounds pro ( im a super picky dude too)
Jes Johnson
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Yeah, I dig it. He's got that "cocky rock n' roll frontman" sound I like.
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Glad you like it guys. Thanks for listening! None of us actually listen to Cage the Elephant, so it's quite interesting that two of you compared us to them. It's cool though!