So I've been playing guitar for around 3-4 years now and would like some difficult material to build upon. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what will get me started up. My instructor suggested musicians institute. I was looking into the rock lead basics, techniques, and performance book series. How do these differ in difficulty? Are there any other methods you would recommend?

I am open to blues, jazz, and rock styles... What works for you?
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i would strongly advocate you learn real songs you like, preferably by ear.

You can do very much with learning songs. You can take a piece of music that is somewhat beyond your current level and use the 21 day method that's stickied in this forum to learn it, if you have the discipline this can yield amazing result.

You can take pieces and analyze them theoretically. Trying to understand the voiceleading they used, how the chords relate to eachother in the given key(s).

You can try out a new style and see what it has to offer.

Learning real songs by ear and then analyzing them if your into theory is the best method i got for you. The MI books are good, don't get me wrong. But many books in this style is like "THIS is A minor pentatonic in every position, learn it" or "This is a C7b9, learn it". They often given you little to no context on what you are learning, or tell you why you should learn it in the first place. A healthier approach is to learn stuff you like (and keeping an open mind to other styles and maybe learn from them to) and hear the sound of these things in context, so you know what they are for.

That's my 2 cents. Hope that helped
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+1, this is all good advice.
Presumably your instructor taught you at least some basic theory(key signatures, major/minor, etc.), so a good exercise would be analyzing music you like. There's a crapton of tabs on this site you can learn from and on other sites. If you use Guitar Pro, there are packs of tabs available on the web to build off of as well as sort of a cheat sheet.

I also recommend studying genres you wouldn't normally look into. It can be insightful.
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Canada is about 10,000,000 Square Kilometers, Without A Single Guitar Center!