I'm in the market for a new sound system for the house. Upon spending about a half an hour looking on Amazon, I realized that there are just way to many options. Maybe I can turn to The Pit for some recommendations.

I'm currently using a Logitech Z-530 5.1 system, but I have it running on a "stereo surround" setup. I've been using this one for about 6 or 7 years and for the most part have been completely satisfied with the satellite speakers. The subwoofer however is shit, and has always been shit.

It's time for a new setup. I'd like something that gets a a bit louder than what I have (The Z-530's are rated 140W RMS) I use them for everything: Movies, Game consoles, laptop for music - It's all plugged up to my TV which is the main device that will be exporting the sound. I play movies and games at "reasonable" volumes I suppose, but for music I crank them up loud. I open the windows and blast my music while i'm out in the yard doing work, so it is important that they can handle that kind of abuse.

I got a budget of about $400 - what do you use/suggest?
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I would recommend the one I have (Pioneer HTSGS1) but they don't make it anymore. Apparently it sells for upwards of $600 used, I paid $125 new. Anything by Pioneer should be good though.
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