What is your favorite fuzz pedal?

Mine's the Univox Superfuzz.

that video doesn't really do it that much justice, but it's like two pedals in one because of the tone switch (one mode cuts the mids, the other one boosts them)
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Boss FZ-2, which is based on the Superfuzz but I think the active EQ adds a lot to it.

Best example would probably be this...
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The Earthquaker Hoof completely and utterly satisfied my fuzz craving.

I go through gear annoyingly fast, and the Hoof is one pedal that completely surprised me in that regard. There is nothing about it that I wish was different, there's no desire in me to look at other fuzzes.
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I love my Fulltone Ultimate Octave. Basically QOTSA in a box... mmmmmm...
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I have a modified muff that sounds pretty killer, but haven't tried any of the muff like clones that get about these days to compare. It's certainly better than stock though. Still, whilst I'd still like a fuzz face or something germanium perhaps, my muff certainly satisfies my needs for that kind of fuzz
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Blakemore Effects' Deus Ex Machina.


It's based on the IC Big Muff, with Mid Boost and Clean Blend knobs which are pretty cool.
And it sounds absolutely fantastic.
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I came to say FZ-2, they're so awkward to get a hold of though. I really like the Behringer version, but mine just stopped working after a while, i really like having the high and low band eq on it though
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