I have a few guitars and the obvious answer is to set each one up for a specific tuning.

That being said, I really find myself favoring one guitar the most. I find myself playing that guitar in E, Eb, and D Standard, tuning and re-tuning it many times over the course of a session.

I was wondering how much my sound suffers because my guitar was originally set up for E Standard, or if it suffers at all?

To my ear, it seems like its always a bit off when I'm in D Standard.

Could the solution be to set my guitar up for Eb and that way going up or down a half-step wouldn't be such a big deal?
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I went to the same thing.
I had a guitar that somedays was in D standard and others in E standard and I was constantly changin between them.
Didn't sense that the guitar was a bit off, I think that was because I had .11 strings so it was a "heavy" gauge and that helps.
I'm not an expert here but you idea might be logical, you can ask to your luthier and see what he tells you.
The other solution, just have one guitar in E and the other in D and grab one to change it to Eb.