Hi lads,

Hope you are all well... Here's one for you, I have a Cort X - 6 Electric guitar that my husband bought me second hand for my birthday this year from the local music shop. The guitar is spotless and plays perfect, you wouldn't know it was second hand. That doesn't bother me, but lately I notice when I plug her into my amp (only like 10 watts! :P) there is desperate crackling noise coming from it, really distorted, until you fiddle a little with the amp lead, then she's good to go again. Usually only happens when I stand up after sitting down, or if I move to far standing up. I don't honestly think it's the lead, because I replaced the lead, and it was fine for a while. Could it be the guitar??

Yes. It sounds like either the amp or the guitar's jack is broken inside, and shorting out. If you know that the chord (lead?) is good, it has to be the input that's bad. Whichever end stops crackling when you stabalise the connection, is the bad input jack. Good luck.
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