Title is self explanatory.

What is the difference between a tube and a solid state Amplifier?

Tube amps use vacuum tubes in the amplification circuit, and solid state amplifiers use semiconductors. Tubes have some unique properties that make them sound different. Tubes have historically been preferred, so even though solid state technology has come a long way, there is still a general trend of using solid state for cheaper amps which reinforces the stigma. There are great SS amps and bad tube amps, and digital modeling is changing the market significantly, but for the most part tubes are still the industry standard for higher-end amps.
Yes you can. The title is somewhat self explanatory. I am assuming you are asking because you've always heard/read that effects don't work well with modeling amps? Is that why you are asking? Do you already own a Vypyr 30? I mean, what is you end goal here?