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I would have used the search function for this query but I don't know if it really has a name... Can you tell me so I can study up on it?

It's a bending technique, but specifically it has to do with matching notes. That is, with one finger on one string and the next finger (or fingers) on the lower string, but a couple (?) of frets up you bend until the notes match. Both notes are sounded then this same configuration is moved say, down the neck and played again, moved and played again, etc.

It's a very cool sounding effect that I hear guys using in solos from time to time and I just need some more info to try and get it down. I can look around for some help but I don't even know how to call it to try and learn it...

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Yes, unison bends is what you're looking for.
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The technique is especially cool with added vibrato or whammy bar use. They are a really cool technique almost nobody seems to use anymore.
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Some other ways to use that...

1) Take time to bend up to that note, too. Let that dissonance screech out until it smoother hits the other note and you hear just "one" note. Learn to control the pitch precisely.

2) When you get them at the same pitch, release and bend the bottom note to create that vibrato + dissonance.

3) Bend them to pitch before you strike the strings. When you do strike them, you'll hear one note. Release the bottom string slowly so you hear it getting more dissonant and lowering in pitch from the other.
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Unison Bends... Ah, very good!

Also thanks for the tips on making it a little more unique. And I just put a Bigsby on my little SG Special so maybe I can get that to sound a little more 'intentional' and interesting, rather than just using it to whammy a chord. Thanks!
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