Guys, I'm new here and am a beginner. Can someone help me tab out the lick Dana Carvey is playing in this video starting at the 1:45 mark?

hmmm... the link is forbidden. The youtube video is named "Dana Carvey Guitar Humor" if anyone would like to look at it for me.

Thank you,
hope this is the part you are talking about....

first time he plays it like this:

E -------------------------------------------
B -------8b-------------------8-8-8-8--------
G --7-10------7-10-10---7-10------------10-7-
D -------------------------------------------
A -------------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------------

the second time like this:

E -----------------------------------------
B -------8b--8--------------8-8-8-8--------
G --7-10-------10-7---7-10------------10-7-
D -----------------------------------------
A -----------------------------------------
E -----------------------------------------

I prefer the second way personally
Perfect! All the pieces in the world, songs to be learned and theory to be had and I'm fixated currently on being able to make a bend sound and dog dragging his butt move at the same time! And of course the face...

thanks guys