I was bored in class yesterday so i made this song. Its not finished but I was wondering if its good or not.

Sunshine and rainbows
Cheerful and bright
I hate this pop stuff with all of my might
Where's the emotion
Where is the heart
I hear more talent in one of my farts

Death to pop
Death to pop
It's dead and gone so let's bring back some rock
Death to pop
Death to pop
Lets hold a funeral for pop

Pre-packaged garbage
Calculated trash
Listening to Beiber gave me a rash
Auto-tuned voices
Looks over skill
Screw all these pop stars then go on the pill

(Guitar solo)
This reminds me of that loner kid in my high school who brings his electric guitar to impress people playing "real" music, but no one gives a shit.

I was actually going to recruit him to start a band and perhaps get him pussy/friends but he told me to **** off because I wanted to play some of the mainstream bands. So pretentious...
it's fine to me because it doesn't sound like you were overthinking it. it's still juvenile though.
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