I've been in somewhat of a music rut for the past few months and I was just curious how you guys in The Pit go about finding new music? Do you scour Youtube until you come across something you like? Do you rely heavily on your friends? Or does it seem to just fall into your lap generally?

At the moment I'm enjoying using the radio feature on Spotify. That is, starting a radio station based on a particular song I like and seeing what it throws at me.

I used to find new albums here, there and everywhere, but 2013 definitely hasn't been a massively memorable year for me music-wise.
Last FM
Sometimes Video Games

Also I look up my favorite bands on wiki and check out their associated acts
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YouTube and friends.
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Video Games/Movies
Searching YouTube/Google

I usually search around on here to see what everyone's listening to. I've also found great songs off of Pandora (The Birthday Massacre) and buying random CDs at the record store (The Paperboys). And as always, I'm always looking for new music to listen to.

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I never look for music.

Anything I listen to I've simply stumbled across.

I would same I'm the same way. I just come across new music most of the time.
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I never look for music.

Anything I listen to I've simply stumbled across.
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Concerts (e.g. I go to see one band, but there's also 3 other ones playing, too)
iTunes. Start off with a band I enjoy & then it leads me to finding similar music. I can switch between genre's too; mostly sticking with Rock, Metal & or Jazz.
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Depends really. It's hard to find actual new good artists. Most recently discovered Daughter, switched on Glastonbury this year and they were playing.

Before that I'd found Ben Howard because he was having some mainstream success. Found that there were similar artists to him through Spotify etc. Spotify has helped me discover a lot of new artists.

I go to another forum where they post what people are currently listening to, its a small community so its easy to keep up with and a lot of obscure artists are mentioned there.
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Youtube suggestions when I'm listening to something on Youtube
Last FM
Also wikipedia can be useful if you look at lists of bands in genres you like
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I've been going to concerts a lot recently where I haven't heard of many of the bands, and maybe even the headliner!
For instance, I went to El Ten Eleven last month having never heard them (but I heard good things about them). Since I heard they're a guitar/drum duo that relies on looping (just like my band) I was excited to pay $12 to see them.
And holy shit was I blown away. I bought two CDs and I enjoy them, although they're definitely not the greatest CDs I've ever listened to.
Then, I found Zorch two weeks ago, and god damn was that crazy. They opened for a band called Tera Melos who I found at a random concert in April and good god they were so good that I bought a bunch of their music and saw them again two weeks ago!

Besides going to random concerts, though, I usually just go to CD stores and browse about. I've found my favorite albums doing that!
Spotify/last.fm related artists, and youtube related videos. I don't seek out new music these days though. I already listen to way too much shit to keep up to date on.
Opening Bands at concerts.
Small tents at festivals when there isn't a band I want to see.
Music played on TV shows.
Rock band and guitar hero back in the day
Checking associated acts on wiki
Looking up a particular artist and seeing what they're involved with
Asking people on facebook