I was thinking about getting a new amp and i have come to the conclusion that Peavey Vypyr 30W would be best + the Sanpera 1. Is this a good decision ? should i get sanpera 1 or 2 ? Should i upgrade my guitar first before my amp ?

Also a reason that i want to upgrade is because my Boss MT-2 honestly sounds like shit! I also have a Vox Wah that is very good imo.

My current equipment is a Morgan GX 35W amp.
My guitar is an Ibanez GRG170DX.

Bying it would be about the limit of my budget. It would cost about 610$ in my country (Norway)
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I'm not sure what prices are like over there, but the Vypyr 30 is supposed to be a fine value.

Are you gigging?

You play black metal, right?
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You play black metal, right?

See if you can find a used Vypyr Tube 60, that seems to be way better than its solid state counterpart.
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You can get way better stuff new from thomann, depending on what you play.
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Well, i play a bit of everything actually, i dont see the fun in just playing the same thing over and over =) And thats why i considered the Vypyr cuz it has such diverse effects without me having to buy myself a ton of pedals. I dont play gigs, i only play at home as of now =( but i heard it has a high enough sound to gig too soooo idk ;P
Vypyr 30 sounds perfect for your needs. Certainly better than the MT-2 by 100 times. I believe sanpera footswitches allow you to get more access (and better access) to features within the vypyr amp. For example, I don't think you can work the looper without the sanpera.
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The Vypyr is a great toy. But if your looking for clarity and clean you may want to look at the Fender amps. Vypyr has a lot of settings to play with and they all are amusing but the quality just isn't there. I bought one a few months back and returned it. When I got it home the sounds were a bit muddy. But it was a good buy and really fun to play with.