its been quite a few months till i showed some stuff and the basic response was "i should stop unartistically jacking off and focus more on composing and the enjoyment of music itself, also i should try a more singer-like approach to my melodies".

these aren't compositions again but improvisations where i tried to approach it more musicaly, trying to fit more with the mood(and chords) of the backing tracks while still maintaining my own "style". also i know these aren't flawless (esp. trying to start off disharmonic was a fail in the first place) and also my aural skills are far beyond what they should be after 5 years of self-studying.

so here we go:

used a funkbackingtrack and according to my friend way to much reverb (i agree on that, but i havent really bothered much with funk so i didnt know)

random ballad backingtrack i used, really cheesy

my personal favourite and one of my better impros i got on record (i dislike the disharmonic first notes quite much though :/ )

sidenote: i still cant afford a teacher even though id really really love to since it'd probably boost my musical understanding through the roof

edit: recorded with a cheap 8 bucks micro and audacity
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I can't even hear the notes clearly on the Funk track. Dial back the reverb and repost that please.

In regards to the first ballad, I would try to emphasize more a sense of melody in your playing. I did like the repeating phrases about 2/5 of the way through and about 4/5 of the way through. Think of yourself as replacing the singer in this ballad. Rather than the listener hearing a singer, they're hearing you. Melody is key.

The second ballad felt very natural and more melodic.