A short piece based on a couple ideas that have been floating around in my head. I'm pretty happy with the production on this one, haha.

Check it out and enjoy

edit: here's an updated mix after considering the comments. The guitars are more prominent and the overheads are quieter. Overall I think it sounds much better - thanks to everyone who gave me some feedback! https://soundcloud.com/xscarethecrows/frostbite-2

This means that I'm done working on this project so I won't be needing any more criticism, but please feel free to post links that you'd like me to check out!
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Good job man!

You wouldn't know by listening to my latest track, but I enjoy stuff like that

First of all: I am using headphones with a weak bass field right now. So I can't say too much about bass drum and bass guitar here. But it seems quite fitting and energetic to me.

I can't really decide whether there is too much reverb on the snare or not. A long decay kind of helps this song. At 0.33, however, reverb on the overheads sounds exaggerated. Maybe you could try to damp the lower frequencies of the reverb here.

The piano at the end matches the song beautifully. Well done!
Writing as I listen (using studio headphones); the start reminds me of Dead And Divine, they had something very similar. When the little break down came in i felt a bit underwhelmed? the rhy guitars seemed to lack life and aggression, maybe put some high mids back in to give that attack and bite back.

Overall good idea to start with!

Comment on my mix please, forget the playing and composition, I didn't have a part in either;
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