I guess this is a technique...

How can I learn an intermediate song in two days for a talent show? I have the TAB so I don't need to figure it by ear, and I learnt like 30 seconds of it during summertime but lost the printed TAB and didn't feel like printing out another one.

The song is Boy from Seattle.
There are no tricks to help you learn something quicker, you just have to take it part by part, learning it properly and putting it together when you can.

For my money, if you have to ask that question... you probably can't do it. This question is born of panic because you don't think you have enough time so you're looking for a quick fix. Given that you're posting here and not learning... good luck.
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Zaphod is so spot on it isn't funny.

Seeing as it's in two days. either learn something easy. Or even better: don't learn anything new and play a piece that you already know well.
Progress so far: none.. Got the acoustic part down pretty crappily. I kinda freaked out and made this thread.

Screw speed learning, I'll just play Classical Gas and Yimura

Could someone lock this thread?
Your comment "so I don't need to figure it by ear" suggests learning the tune will take considerable effort. Being able to learn a tune by ear is actually the key to not only learning a tune quickly, but also to memorizing it. Ear training is not a technique like hammer-ons, etc, but a study you undergo to teach your brain such that you can play exactly what you hear (both on recording and music you hear in your own head). For my own part, this was a long process. And to that end I created an ear training program . Its developed for college-level music students, but the basic lessons are available in free version and useful for anyone (scales and triads). Learning to sing correct pitches is also very helpful (eg: sing a major arpeggio, etc).
Just listening to boy from Seattle right now for the first time. Hahahahahah no one could learn this in two days! I wonder how long Steve himself spent writing and perfecting it. I bet it was more than two days.

Good luck pal.
This is a Jimi Hendrix tribute tune, so you'd better have your legato ready ahead of time. Learning by Tab might be the slowest way possible. The whole thing with learning by ear is that you actually remember the sound, not just a bunch of numbers.

I didn't catch all the chords on the one listen, but there aren't many, so it shouldn't take more than a 15 minutes to work out the chords. After that, it's just getting all the ornamentation and melodies. If your technique is really good, you might have it ready in a few days. If you can't already play Hendrix style, you're looking at a couple months.

This is only an "intermediate" tune if you're just looking at the chords and basic melody. If you want to play this note for note, Steve Vai is definitely not an "intermediate" player. There's a whole lot of slick technique happening here.

All in all, Zaphod is correct: if you have to ask, the answer is "No", this will take you more than two days. If you want to appear talented at the talent show, pick something else to play.
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