Hi guys,

Now that i have a budget i went on a quest to find the guitar that suited me most. I fell in love with the Fender AM deluxe telecaster.

The thing is, i play with medium to sometimes quite high gain (think Porcupine tree, Karnivool, Tool, A lot like birds, letlive...). I'm quite scared that the stock pickups won't handle that gain or will sound too messy.
I was looking into this and saw that many replaced their stock pickups with SD hotrails or BKP piledrivers giving more low end to the dostorted sound and smoothing it out. Replacing the stock pickups on such a guitar feels like sacrilege though and i don't want to ruin the nice tele clean sound. I've heard that piledrivers give somewhat the best of both worlds and retain a nice clean tone while i've heard that hotrails enable high gain but ruin your clean sound.
Finally, i know th ebest thing is to test it, and i eventually will before i buy but before i go back to the store i wnat to get some info and evaluate the possibilities.

TL;DR; Do any of you guys have experience with these pickups? Do you think the stock pickups will do fine?

thanks in advance!
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>fender strat w. medium gain

"I fell in love with the Fender AM deluxe telecaster."

The stock pickups will be fine with the right pedals.
There really aren't very many good videos of true side by side comparisons with stock single coils and whatever the aftermarket is. There are lots of demos but I haven't seen a good before/after. Some people don't do very good demos so it is really hard to tell the differences when they are sitting there playing around with a tube screamer and playing e major chords and then some blues lick. I would rather hear some Judas Priest. In fact, I am pretty sure both KK Downing and Glenn Tipton from JP used strats back on some of the early material, along with the Flying V and SG. They were probably stock, I'm not sure when all of the super hot pickups came along.....the old material is not quite as high gain as modern metal though.
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I love the stock pickups in mine, and I do have that American Deluxe Tele.
It handles higher gain just fine, but just make sure you like the single coil and tele character, because it all comes down to if you like that or not.

It's an excellent guitar by the way.
It's one of my favorite guitars out of the ones I got. I personally don't normally use it for higher gain than classic rock, but it can definitely pull the styles you want to play as long as your amp can.
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Thanks for the replies guys. That reassures me.

I've come to a crossroad though. I found a PRS custom 24 that i can get for just 250 euro's more than the fender. Both play like a dream and both are guitars i have always wanted
Tom Morello, John 5 handle theirs just fine.

Changing pickups is normal and encouraged.