Here is my humble interpretation of Nuno's great Flight of The Wounded Bumblebee. Any comment is welcome.

I did not play it as staccato-ly as Nuno because it did not sound as good when I palm muted heavily on the high string with my own setting. The tapping section sounded a bit ''out of place'' compared to Nuno's version.


absolutely amazing dude, how did you get up to that speed, practice tips?
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absolutely amazing dude, how did you get up to that speed, practice tips?

Thanks very much, man! Appreciated!

As for the practice tip, I think you probably heard it before, but always practice at a comfortable speed first and make sure you hit every note as clean as possible at that speed. At that same speed, practice until your muscles memorize all the notes without even have to think about what notes to play. From there, make incremental changes to the tempo and eventually you will reach the speed you desire.

Well, occasionally you need to go crazy and go overboard. For example, if your maximum speed for this piece is 170bpm and you are stuck there, try to go 220bpm occasionally. It will force you to play outside your comfort zone and in retrospect, you will feel 200bpm (which is the speed Nuno is playing at) is slower than it actually is.

As this is a technical piece, it is best to use a drum machine or metronome to help you stay on beat in my opinion. I actually deliberately increase the gain of the hi hat so that I could hear the accent of each beat more clearly.

Last but not least, always record your take. What you perceive in your head when you are playing usually would sound somewhat (sometimes very) different when recorded.

Hope that helps in someway...