Hey all,

I recently bought a Sterling JP70, which I absolutely love. It came stock with 10s, which I'm not used to (as my Strat has 9s). Within 2 days, I've snapped the high E twice while attempting a 3-semitone bend on the high E string, both times around frets 22-24. Is this a result of the thicker strings? Would reverting to 9s help? Thanks!
Were you vicious with the bend? I've never understood how people manage to snap strings - its just one of those things that has never happened to me (maybe 4 times in 8 years).

The different thickness shouldn't be an issue. I bend my strings (12s and 13s) pretty hard, but I'm gentle with my technique, if that makes sense?
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Did the strings snap from the same spot? Near the bridge for example? There could be a burr/sharp spot there. Luthier can file it away.

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