Just to be clear, I'm completely happy with my guitar and pups. This is just for curiosity and discussion.

The Seymour Duncan Stag Mag is a humbucker essentially made up of two single coils. If you split it, it's pretty much identical to a Strat single coil, and wiring it in parallel gives results like two Strat single coils in parallel. I've always been an HSS guy, and there seems to be many others in the same category as me. I almost exclusively use only two positions. Bridge humbucker and the neck/mid pups in parallel.

A seemingly good alternative would be an HH guitar with a pickup like the stag mag in the neck. But it doesn't seem like there are really any others like. This would allow players like me to buy one less pickup, and have less pickup switch positions that we won't use. So are there more pickups like this and I'm not aware of it? Or is there a reason there aren't more?
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some of the smaller/more boutique guys might do them. i know swineshead used to do one, but they stopped trading.

I haven't tried them myself. I suspect the single coil/split tones are better but the humbucker tones may suffer. I could be wrong on that, obviously.
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Rio Grande Tallboy. Good pickup, splits to two strat singles. Sounds like exactly what you want.
Fralin Unbucker. One side is wound hotter than the other, so when you split it and use that one coil, it sounds closer to a single coil, especially in volume.
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